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Monday, March 2, 2009

Chocolate in the Village: LBC was there

No, not that Village. We donated some chocolate prizes and we also agreed to demo making chocolates there at the library.
Kim and I went to Falls Village, CT to do a demo at their fund raiser for their library. The library was impressive and the entire village turned out for the event. Kim and I had a great time there and the demo went well.

Falls Village is very picturesque and even smaller than Greenville. We have a hot dog stand. That's almost the big city.

These pictures do not show you how large this library is and how nicely appointed it is. And, since their fund raiser was a big success, I don't think they'll let it fall into poor shape.

I did a demo on how to make molded chocolates. While I was making the chocolate, people came up to me to ask questions. One fellow in particular had a ton of questions and he also wanted me to look at the chocolates he'd made for the event. I quote, "It is not as easy as it looks (making chocolates)." People in general do not realize how difficult it is to make chocolates and confections. When the chocolate agrees to work with you, it can be a breeze, but when the chocolate decides not to work with you, it can be hell. Many chocolatiers, some of them my friends, have given up because of the difficulty of working in this medium.

In the end, we had a great time and enjoyed our visit.


Bistro Zinc in Lenox Massachusetts

Imagine my surprise when I found these pictures of the fun trip we took to Lenox Massachusetts in January of this year. I'd completely forgotten about them. We had a great time looking at all the shops and we even were able to drop off some samples at Clearwater Natural Foods, which of course is now a customer.

Every time we go to Lenox, we try and go to Colorful Stitches but it's always closed on the days we go. Kim is a quilter and knitter and we have not yet been able to coordinate our trips to their schedule. And every time we go, we always say we're going to eat at Bistro Zinc and never do. Well, finally, we stayed long enough, the whole day, drank a ton of coffee at Lenox Coffee, to eat at Bistro Zinc. Colorful Stitches was closed.

Bistro Zinc
56 Church Street,
Lenox, MA 01240
Phone: 314-637-8800

We are both suckers for a good spring roll and these duck confit rolls with hoisin and sweet chili sauce were very good. I loved mine. Kim and I both got the spring rolls. I'd highly recommend them.

I love steak tartare and this one was very good. Not as good as the steak tartare that we get at Spago's but this was a close second. Kim went with a very good burger. I asked her how it was and she said nice. That's the highest rating from Kim. The burger was 8oz angus chuck with Berkshire blue cheese and Jones’ cherry wood smoked bacon, confit onions and french fries.

I had the braised short ribs with a red wine sauce and parpadelle noodles. The short ribs were great. I loved them. Very tasty.

For dessert, and I hate putting this picture up because I always forget to take pictures until after I've destroy a beautiful dessert and the dessert I got at Zinc was well done. I think this is supposed to be Profitéroles with Berkshire vanilla ice cream and chocolate ganache. It's been such a long time that I forgot what I had for dessert. Now that I look at their current menu, I see that they have a Mille-feuille pear and caramel with Bavarian cream.

I love Bavarian cream and mille-feuille (thousand leaves/sheets), well, it's my favorite. It must not have been on the menu. I love a good Napoleon.

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