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Friday, February 18, 2011

Finger of Hoob Recipe

Finger of Hoob, is a chocolate stout. A very chocolate stout. I am not going to teach you how to brew beer. For that, you need to take a class at City Brewshop in Brooklyn. If you know how to brew beer, please feel free to give this a try and tell me how it came out. The original recipe said an alcohol of 5.5% but because of the introduction of one pound of 74% Dark Chocolate, it came out move like 6.5%.

John modified a Milk Stout, taking out the lactose because I cannot tolerate it and we added 1 pound of 74% Dark Chocolate, one Tablespoon of Dutched Cocoa Powered and one Tablespoon of Natural Cocoa Powder. You will also notice that this is an extract kit.

Size 5 gallons
Color 47 SRM
Bitterness 27 IBU
OG 1.058
FG 1.015
Alcohol 5.5%/Volume

Our OG came out to 1.062 and FG was, I think, I lost the reading, I know, bad, bad, bad, 1.010. We had more fermentable than the original recipe, namely the chocolate.



1 lb American chocolate Malt 330L (crushed)
1 lb Crystal malt 60L (crushed)
.5 lb Roasted barley 450L (crushed)

3.3 lb Light liguid malt extract
2 lb Light dry malt extract
1 lb Dark dry malt extract
1 lb 74% dark chocolate (last 10 minutes of the boil)
1 T Natural Cocoa Powder (last 20 minutes of the boil)
1 T Dutched Cocoa Powder (last 20 minutes of the boil)


1 oz Perele (Bittering) (8% AA, 60 mins.)
1 oz Kent Goldings (Flavoring) (4.5% AA, 30 min.)


We used liquid yeast, not the dry.

1 Pkg (11g) Danstar Nottingham Ale Dry Yeast.
(We used Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale)

6 Gallons of water

5 lb bag of ice (I have an ice maker and just used what I needed to use

5 oz corn sugar. We actually used Priming Sugar 5 oz.

We strained it btw.

OK. If you know how to brew beer, this should be more than enough for you to brew it. Normally, this beer required a primary fermentation of two weeks and secondary fermentation of two weeks in a carboy but we just fermented it for 3 weeks in the beer bucket. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with me via this blog. More to chocolate beer posts to come. Enjoy.

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