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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Time in the Country

Enter the magic land of Life By Chocolate and see a sampling of Life By Chocolate's new offerings and some old favorites.

I'm going to start you off nice and easy with some simple caramels and our reformulated peanut butter bites.

First the caramels....


Our new pumpkin pie caramels, these are decorated for Halloween but we're still selling the ones with the pumpkin decorations. It's fall after all.

And now for the new peanut butter cups. These are now peanut praliné and very, very yummy.


Next we have one of my favorite chocolates, my orange cinnamon with 25 year old balsamic vinegar. I've been experimenting with 10 year old to see if I could get more punch.

Then we have some seasonal pumpkin ganache, made with pumpkin and wrapped in milk chocolate. Unlike the pumpkin pie caramel, which has the same spice mix that I use in my world famous pumpkin pies, this confection actually contains pumpkin.

We've decided to make the cats year round, not just for Halloween. People love them. We have them in Vegan, Dark, Milk and of course a beautiful White.

Plenty of pumpkin trios left and they're on sale. The orange one has toasted hazelnut marzipan in the middle.

Moving more towards Christmas and Winter, let's start off with our beautiful Hot Chocolate, chocolate ganache on the bottom, cinnamon marshmallow in top, enrobed in dark chocolate and then topped with white chocolate shavings. Hmm. What a treat for sitting around the fire. There's no way to spill these Hot Chocolates.

Melts in your mouth not on Mom's carpets or wood floors.

Next, we have our trees and presents, Vegan, Dark and Milk Chocolate,

And who delivers these wonderful presents but Santa. Our new Santa Faces. These little four inch treats are solid Vegan, Dark, or Milk chocolate. A super stocking stuffer.

And finally, we have our 24 piece, 12 piece and our 9 piece sets. Here's the 12 piece in holiday boxes.These come in Vegan, Dark and Mixed Chocolate.

The Vegan Chocolate Box contains cherry cordials, almond and cranberry, tamarind and agave, and a solid piece of 72% organic and fair trade vegan dark chocolate heaven. The organic and fair trade Dark Chocolate Box contains peppermint cordial, maple cream, cherry cordials and a solid piece of 73% heaven. The Mixed Chocolate Box contains peppermint cordial and maple cream in organic and fair trade dark chocolate and cherry cordials and the solid in wonderful Swiss milk chocolate.

A big yum in a beautiful box.

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