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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now that's interesting

My foodbuzz profile went down to 94 from 98 because I haven't been posting. Gregg, my friend from California, was here visiting. We went out to Olana and had a great time there. He took us out to Swoon Kitchenbar for dinner. I was hankering to get back there and give dinner a try. The review is coming.

Later: How do you like that? Now I'm back up to 98. Post a little. Get a couple of comments and voila, 4 points. ;-)

ChocoVision Marketing, just like their Product, the wheel has turned

O ChocoVision, why am I on this list of pain? When will it end? Why did it begin? Is that marketeer still working there?

Here's something interesting. I received almost 100 emails saying remove me from this list and one person suggesting a class action suit. All in the name of tempered chocolate. Why? ChocoVision sent out a promotion to a list of people who were not asked to be on the list. And because people replied to the list, asking to be taken off the list and because the sales and promotions list weren't properly constructed to be a no reply list, every time someone replied, and to my knowledge replies, we all get it.

What will ChocoVision do? I emailed Ian, the CEO of ChocoVision, directly and told him to shut down the list. ChocoVision has remained silent during this fiasco. It sort of reminds me of the Delta release. I still wont touch that machine. Last time I used one, it tried to kill me. Christine, my Revolation Delta, is safely, I hope, back in ChocoVision hands. And I equally hope that man-eater is locked up in chains. My Rev X, after a few iterations, is still working reasonably though I am going through baffles like popcorn. I don't think a baffle should be a consumable. I think it should last.

I would have to conclude that their marketing has finally caught up with their engineering. Now the marketing is as hit and miss(guided) as the engineering. And here I was finally getting over the scares of the Rev Delta. Now those scars have been reopened, twice. First, I ordered the wrong baffle, returned them and still have not been credited and now I've been emailed to death. Some of the people on the list have had their mboxes flooded. One person is suggesting a class action suit. O! Joy. More ChocoVision fun and games.

Ian, O! Ian, where is thy management? Discipline. Goals. Basic bidness. Your (ex-)customer long for some courtesy and respect and products that work as spec'ed.

And to all you people who have replied to the list, I have saved all of your replies. Let's get together for a party this Christmas. Who wants to host? I'll bring the chocolates.

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