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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tip Top Country Store Pictures

I took pictures before but they didn't come out. Now, with my new, handy camera, no fuss and no muss. I can download the pictures and my poor, sweet Kim doesn't get extra chores.

Now you can see what a great store it is. First, the most important, our chocolates on display.

Let's see that again.
Ah, Sarah and Adelle. What wonderful people.

Well, that raps that up! Say good night, Adelle.
Go to our old blog post for their address and other contact information.

"Good night Adelle." ;-)


The Living Earth, Chocolate Center Extrodinaire

The Living Earth
232-234 Chandler Street
Worcester, Massachusetts 01609
Phone: 508-753-1896
2nd Phone: 866-268-7229
Fax: 508-754-4840

Not only has The Living Earth joined our family of beautiful stores that sell our chocolates, but they've also joined the rank of stores that carry our lotions, bath fizzies and candles. Indeed, you must go there and buy our chocolates and chocolate candles, lotion and bath fizzies. And it's going to go right here:

And will be sold to you by this woman.At least the health and beauty products will be. Frank, the manager, wasn't there when I stopped in but he's a great person and a big help as well.

This store has energy.And it's very special.

Don't forget to eat at their cafe, Sano. Yum.


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Debra's Natural Gourmet has joined Life by Chocolate

Debra's Natural Gourmet
98 Commonwealth Ave
Concord, Massachusetts
Phone: 978-371-7573
Fax: 978-287-4212

Here there be chocolate, and how.

I'm please to announce that Debra's has joined our family of beautiful markets. Go there and buy chocolate, especially ours. We are the best, after all.

It's a fine store and as luck would have it I had just bought a new camera. So, here are some great pictures of the place. It's a warm and inviting store with a place to eat and great food. Kim and I ate there when we were on our Massachusetts trip. This is my mostly Cambridge, follow up, though I dropped off a bunch of chocolates to various places and also stopped off in Concord and Cohasset.

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