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Monday, February 11, 2008

New Chocolates: The Customer Suggestions

Customers have suggested a host of great chocolates and I made them for YOU. Just lick on the picture or the words to go to the correct page. Enjoy!!!!

Bon Bon Bay Dark ChocolateThis is a great dark chocolate with lemongrass curry. Very tasty and a little spicy.

Bon Bon Bay Dark Chocolate HeartsOr you can get the heart version.

Traditional TorroneThis is a traditional torrone. It's hard and tasty.

Solid Milk Chocolate Heart 4 ozHere's another suggestion by a customer, a solid milk chocolate heart. These are delish.

Solid Milk Chocolate RoseSame milk chocolate customer different design. These are a hot item.

Different customer. To tell the truth, she wanted this in dark chocolate. I'll be making those soonest.

Dark Chocolate CaramelThere is nothing plain about this caramel. It's dusted with gold. It's just caramel covered in dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate Hard CaramelThis puppy is a harder caramel but still not a toffee. You'll love this.

Dark Chocolate Caramel with PistachioThis is a great combo. It's a caramel hand dipped in dark chocolate and a tasty toasted pistachio on top. Yummer.

Milk Chocolate Bon Bon BayThe original Bon Bon Bay.

Honey NougatThis is no traditional torrone. It probably should be called a Greenvilleone because it's my own recipe and I make this soft almond honey nougat in Greenville.

Dark Chocolate Banana Saffron Caramel with AlmondWell, what is good for the caramel is good for the, well, banana saffron caramel. Here it is folks. The one and only banana saffron caramel with an almond. Doesn't this remind you of those great banana splits of yore or a perhaps a miniture sundae out of your youth?

Dark Chocolate Banana Saffron CaramelThis is what started it all. This is the caramel embodiment of one of my ice creams. Enjoy. Go buy some and enjoy.

dark chocolate amaretto cherry cordialOur newest dark chocolate amaretto cherry cordial. Try it and be happy.

Try it with nuts.
Yummer. Or try it dry.
Double Yummer. Oh and you can get the dry with nuts. That's a Triple Yummer. Sorry, dry only comes in dark chocolate. What would the point be for milk chocolate?

milk chocolate amaretto cherry cordialOur newest milk chocolate amaretto cherry cordial. Try it and be happy.

Or try it with nuts. Yummer. Sorry, no dry version. Boohoo.

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