Life by Chocolate

Chocolate, white, milk, dark, in all its forms forms life. Chocolate truffles, caramels, and other confections are at the core of enjoyment. This is life by chocolate because death by chocolate is the wrong attitude.

Friday, November 16, 2007

My favorite confection! It's the one with the orange rind.

Orange Sin! That's the chocolate in the white cup with the orange rind on it. I love this chocolate. Order them now. Buy one today. No, buy a pound.

You'll love them. Trust me. It's my favorite. You don't know what you're missing.

Of course, the cranberry conserve in the chocolate, to the right of the Orange Sin, is a crowd pleaser. You should buy that one, too.

I can't resist. Here are more pictures of my chocolates.

What beautiful chocolates.
I may be biased but surely everyone sees what I see, right?

By the way, that cool scale is from Penn Scales. Nice. I like it. It's the CM-100. Next time, I'll get the Jr. The CM-100 is more than enough scale, however.

Pictures from a Grand Opening

Could you resist this beautiful woman? Of course not.
Could you resist these chocolates? Of course not.
Ah, here is the star of the Grand Opening, or rather, I should say stars. Kim, my sweet wife, and our new display case. Ain't she grand? Without her, this opening would never have happened.
I shot a couple of quick candid shots of Kim. Here she is in the middle of laughing.
Here she is looking at all the ornaments she put up for the opening of our chocolate shop. She did a great job decorating.

We also set up the dining rooms to be part of the Life by Chocolate chocolate shop!Who else has a Victorian House, built by William Vanderbilt, com chocolate shop?

We preboxed and prebagged. The bags have bark in them, which I sell for $15/lb and the other bags, which you can't really see, have meltaways, which for the opening, I am selling for $20/lb. The other chocolates go for $40 a pound. Right now, the Tea Set truffles are at a Grand Opening low price of $12 for 9 in a very fancy box. After the opening, they go back to their normal price of $20 a set.

And here is the rest of the Chocolate Shop, I mean inn.
Isn't it lovely?
So relaxing. One customer said, "When I walk in, it is so inviting and relaxing I don't feel as if I have to buy anything." Though of course, she did. How can you resist these great chocolates?
We love our house. Can you see the great quilts on the wall? Kim did those. She is a wonderful artist.
Who is that handsome chef? What a great portrait.
And of course, I use almost exclusively Felchlin chocolates because it's the best. Expensive, comparatively but I don't care.

I want the best in chocolate and Felchlin through Swiss Chalet, their importer, delivers.
What is a Grand Opening without balloons? I bought 25 balloons.

And here she is, my lovely assistant and my charming wife. She's the driving force behind the art workshops and the inn. She worked tirelessly to make this opening happen. She is the best.

Don't you wish this was your order that Kim is making up? It can be. Call us at 518 966 5219.

Tea Set Grand Opening Special, $12

For our Grand Opening, we are selling the Tea Set in the beautiful box for only $12.00 (plus tax and shipping.) I figured I'd extend the offer to the net as well.

In one week, the Tea Set will be back up to it's regular price of $20.