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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Proposed Menu for 2016, subject to change by Chefschmarrn.

This is subject to change and does not include the alternative menu for those that have dietary restrictions. Also, I am listing these in random order and does not reflect the order that they may be served in. Plus I do not guarantee that any of these will run the whole year. So sign up early and often.

Remember, the theme for this year is "Best Of the Last Twelve Years" as chosen by our students. So there is no one cuisine. This year will be a mix of favorites. (As will next year. I have more than enough requests to do "Best Of" for the next three years. So do not worry, your favorite will eventually be made and served to your waiting palate, to inspire your artist's palette.) All items will be subject to change. Where a salad or soup is not specified, we'll serve one of our wonderful salads. Housemade breads will be served fresh from the oven for each of these entrees.

  • Breaded Italian Chicken cutlet pounded with Italian seasoning. With this we will have Italian tomato salad. Sides will include sautéed zucchini and corn. Dessert will be tiramisu.
  • Fish Almandine with asparagus, roasted sweet potatoes, and chocolates for dessert.
  • Maple soy salmon (plain) with glazed carrots and snow or snap peas. A berry tart will be served for dessert.Cauliflower soup will be served before this entree.
  • Lamb Tagine with couscous or quinoa, green beans, and for dessert banana saffron ice cream.
  • Lion's head meatball with bok choi and rice noodles. Dessert will be carrot cake.
  • Steak Diane, with sautéed beets and roasted fingerling potatoes, smoked salmon chowder will be served before this entree. For dessert: beet chocolate cake.

If a salad or soup is not specified, a house salad will be served as always. And don't forget our freshly made bread. We'll make some wonderful bread to go with all these lovely entrees and serve it piping hot from the oven to your table.

This is a yummy line up. These are some of my favorites.


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