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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Proposed Menu for 2017 in all its Glory

2017 Dinner Menu – Best of the last 13 years are chosen by the students of the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops

Poule au Pot (2017)

A wonderfully simple dish with matignon or edible mirepois with carrots, onions and celery as well as parsnip. The chicken will be braised over these vegetables and usually we will include ham into the matignon.

Salmon en Papillote (2017)

This will be with parsnips in the paper. All with the maple soy salmon marinade. Vegetable sides TBD.

Beef Stroganoff (2017)

The sauce will include mushrooms and will be served over egg noodles. For the GF, we’ll use GF egg noodles. This will include roasted potatoes and other roasted vegetables such as asparagus.

Rack of Lamb with pistachio and urfa (2017)
Sides will be the carrots and peas.

Jambalaya (2017)
TBD the type of Jabalaya but will probably be served over red rice and may include another vegetable side.
There will be a vegetarian version of this dish with okra and/or other vegetables.

Pork Chop with Fruit (2016-2017) with butternut squash side.
We will start off the season with this. And it will include corn and acorn squash if they are in season else we’ll serve this with seasonal vegetable. However, this will only go on for the first month or two because we’ll be switching over to the Thai Fish Stew below.

Fish Stew (2017-2018) Starts when Pork Chop finishes.
We will serve this Thai curried fish stew with red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, and scallions on top. The stew will be served over black ride or brown rice.


Broccoli soup (2017)
This is the only soup that will have in 2017 because we did most of the soups in 2016. However, as a base, we will use the cauliflower soup.

The rest will be salads of various designs.


Chocolates. (Vegan and GF chocolates are also available.)

Achi de Rana (2017)
This is a nice pasta dish for dessert.

Napoleans (2017)
One of my all time favorites.

CInnamon Ice cCeam (2017)
Same here. Yumm. We did this a little in 2016. (This is GF but not dairy free.)

Carrot Cake (2017)
Yes we are bringing back the wonderful Carrot Cake.

Dutch Apple Pie (2017)
This was requested by the amazing David Taylor and we’ll be serving it all season a la mode with super duper vanilla ice cream.

Gluten Free and (mostly) Dairy Free Desserts:

For the alternative desserts we will have the following.

Vegan Chocolates

Cinnamon Ice Cream (this is GF but not dairy free.)

Fruit Cup




Apple pie filling with a GF (and probably dairy free) streusel top.


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