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Monday, December 3, 2007

Caramel Cutter

Steve from Wisconsin sent me a nice email.


I’ve been doing a search for caramel cutters and came across your blog. First of all I’d like to tell you that your chocolates look beautiful.

I make caramels at Christmas time, about 16 pounds worth. The worst part is cutting them. I saw a picture of the caramel cutter in your blog and was wondering where you purchased it and does it work as good as it seems. I’m getting too tired and sore from cutting with a knife.

Steve in Wisconsin

To answer him I wrote back the following:

Hello Steve,

I’m glad you liked the chocolates.

Well, first of all, the caramel “cutter” is a misnomer. Rather it should be called a caramel marker. You mark it, and the marks can be deep, almost cut through, but usually they are just marks and then you cut with a knife. The hardest thing about making chocolates and cakes is the cutting. Oh, and never, ever use a guitar for cutting caramel.

Second, you’ll probably do better looking under dough cutters. However, watch out for those flimsy looking dough cutter.

I got my cutter from Tomric Systems.

But I could have easily gotten it from or



PS Please feel free to email me but it is easier for me if you post a comment and that way your email also has no chance of being lost. Thanks.

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