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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pamela's Health & Harmony has taken the plunge

Pamela is living the dream and what a dream. As I said, New Jersey been bery good to me and as you can see, I've been blogging and blogging. Now, let me introduce the newest member of our chocolate revolution, Pamela's Health and Harmony. It's a great store staffed by fun and helpful people. Go and shop, Margate. Customer service is her motto.

Pamela's Health and Harmony
8508 Ventnor Ave.
Margate, NJ 08402
Phone: 609-822-8828

And as you can see, it's a beautiful dream in a beautiful store in Margate.

She's happy, helpful and knows everyone.

Go there and buy chocolates. Buy Life by Chocolate! The best chocolate on the planet.

What a beautiful store.

A great taste treat!

Here's a taste treat: whole wheat bread, goat's milk leche quemada (arequipe or dulce de leche but really called cajeta quemada) and organic peanut butter. Sounds like a new caramel coming... I feel it.

How does a goat's milk caramel using organic peanut on top sound? Probably do this as a completely organic caramel, which I make, using organic evaporated cane juice, or whole sugar, as I call it.

Lahiere's Restaurant

Kim and I had a very nice dinner here at Lahiere's in Princeton. I would recommend eating there. The wait staff was fun and involved. I played a guessing game with them. There were, it appeared, a couple of groups of Princeton faculty and we tried to figure out which department they were from. I won: Philosophy.

The ambiance was pleasant and enjoyable. Very collagey town goes out for a big night at the local gourmet restaurant decor. I loved it. The wait staff looked like graduate students and some of the did go, do go, perhaps had gone to Princeton though not all were students. However, top professionals all. And that's really why we go out, to be entertained. This place is entertaining.

I started off with the Oyster's Mignonette. Very nice. Next, we both had the Honey-Roasted Duck with Cranberry-Vegetable Spring Roll, Hoisin Duck Sauce. The wrapper on the "spring roll", more like an egg roll and could have been more crispy but we both liked the flavor. We loved the duck, though I found my duck over cooked. I told them medium rare and I got it medium to almost medium well. The duck was still very juicy but I want my duck breast rare to medium rare. Kim thought hers was perfectly cooked but then she likes her duck COOKED. For duck, no one beats Perilla. Sigh.

Well, I've invented a new rating system. Let's see. 5 Licked Fingers is the top rating and 1 Licked Finger is the bottom. So, if Bolo is 1 LF (sorry Bobby, I know you've always wanted to be a chef and I hope I'm not killing that dream), though I know Kim would give it 3 LF, and if French Laundry and Tru Restaurant are both 5 Licked Fingers, though I'd probably rank the desserts at Tru better than the cooking, then that would put Lahiere's at 3 LF. Very respectable. That would imply that 5th Avenue Cafe would be 3.5 LF, though I give the desserts 4.5 Licked Fingers, and the Grammercy Park Hotel Bar would be 2 LF. BTW, 0 Licked Fingers is a lawsuit. ;-) So many restaurants, so few reviews.

Please note that many of these reviews are over on Innsane. Check it out.

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Olive May II has arrived

Please join me in welcoming Olive May II to the vegan chocolate revolution. A fun, warm and inviting store where they take their mission seriously. Indeed, the vegan chocolate bars and bark are in full blast off mode. Olive May II has put in a large order so please go and shop there. Princeton take note. Now you can get beautiful organic fair trade vegan chocolate bark and bars at Olive May II. You can also get our regular organic fair trade bars and bark. Look for our end cap.

Olive May II
255 Nassau Street
Princeton, New Jersey 08540
Phone: 609-924-4993
Fax: 609-497-9198

This is a hero's store. It's mythological and it is beautiful.

And no, that is not a camera trick, that is the horizon point you are seeing in the distance. ;-)

These people are lovely. They are warm and welcoming and fun. I felt right at home here.

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Green Street Market has joined the Life by Chocolate revolution

Well, we were greeted by a beautiful group of chocolate loving women who run this great store. They bought a large amount of chocolate. Please go to Green Street Market and buy up all the chocolates. You know the quality of our chocolates. Go and buy.

Green Street Market
3167 Route 9 South
Rio Grande, New Jersey 08242
Phone: 609-463-0606
Fax: 609-463-1112

Check out this store.
Look how beautiful.


Ta dah!

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