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Chocolate, white, milk, dark, in all its forms forms life. Chocolate truffles, caramels, and other confections are at the core of enjoyment. This is life by chocolate because death by chocolate is the wrong attitude.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ChocoVision Customer Service: My Rev X

If you remember, I sent in my Rev X to be fixed in about 15 days ago and I have not heard a word other than it takes longer or costs more if your machine has chocolate in it. Well, that is due to a design flaw of the Rev X. The usual customer service of ChocoVision is not doing well. They could be inundated by returned machines at this time of year. Because I have my beautiful Hilliard, I am only inconvenienced by this rather than devastated. No wonder why Hilliard is not worried about ChocoVision.

Indeed, some of my assistants like the ChocoVision Rev X better because of the convenience but I personally like the solid engineering of the Hilliard. Well, let's see the tally, ChocoVision Engineering isn't that good, the marketing has gone down hill, witness the email fiasco of a month ago. And now, their great customer service has taken a turn for the worse. I wonder if they have fallen on hard times? We'll see. I'll report back in a week or two.

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