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Monday, April 1, 2013

Qualified Success! Yay!

I have reserved two websites, Mark Vincent and Mark (As of the writing of this, 3/31/13, they are under construction. I hope to look back on this period of my life and chuckle.) I was too late to get Mark but I don't really need it. I have also created two Facebook pages, The Inn at the Crossroads and The Inn of the Star Crossed. (They are also both under construction.) As I have said, it was Kristine Kathryn Rusch's blog post which triggered my epiphany. (Well, triggered might be a little misleading. It was a combination of my own blog posts and comments I made on her blog that eventually lead me to the conclusion that I am a dunce.) But it was the eBook Write Good or Die that has cemented my position and my desire to get published as an eBook even if I have to self-publish.

I can hear Joe Koranth shaking his head saying, "Haven't you been reading my blog? Have you learned nothing?" And I must reply, "Yes, you are right. But first, I have to make sure my book is worthy." Actually, that's not my real response. I have my name on tons of paper. Just Google either "Mark LaPolla" or "Mark Vincent LaPolla", especially the latter. Many of my papers and articles and such comes up associated with my name and that is a fraction of my work. I was publishing before the internet and not all of my papers are on the web. But someone is starting to do just that. I recently found one of my Behavioral and Brain Sciences papers with Bernie Baars on the web.

My main point is, I am just beginning. I have many queries and manuscripts out. I'd hate to self-publish only to find that a publisher has accepted my book. I will, however, only accept a decent deal. After all, I don't need the money and though I may have a long career as a writer ahead of me, I don't think I can match Mr. Koranth's amazing output. I am late to the self publishing game. But I hope to have not only two completely manuscript s by the end of the year, but a third as well. Even though Kim and I run two art schools, a painting school and a fiber art school, I don't have any cover art or covers for my books yet. (Calling all art students! Does anyone want to take up a commission?)

Forward progress! Or in the famous words of the 10th Doctor, "Allons-y!" And no, bow ties are not cool unless you are in full dress. Sorry, Matt.

I know, I know. Many of you want to kill me because either you are looking for chocolate from Life by Chocolate, or you are looking for the menu for this year for the workshops, or you are, God help me, looking for more information about Caramel Cutters, my highest traffic post. And what did you find? You found all this writer gobbledigook. There, you now have all the links. Go and enjoy and see you at a Workshop.

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