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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Cubes for Easter and Mother's Day are going up

Our Spring Collection is going up on the website. Today I put up our 12 Piece Dark Cube.

We also got reviewed by The Chocolate Priestess on her Chocolate Cult blog. A great review.

Here's my response to The Chocolate Priestess clarifying a few things with the selection I sent her. Enjoy the chocolates and read the review.

Response -

Well, that's a lovely review. On the boxes, we tend to do 3 layers of the same four chocolates. On the Easter, we say we put in the apricot cordial, which could either be the Irish Mist or the Grand Marnier Apricot. The list of what is in the box, is on the barcode on the bottom of the box. But again, it may be any of the two apricot cordials.

We will be switching this year from our non-organic Swiss 38% milk chocolate, the best I've ever tasted, to a 42% organic Swiss chocolate from the same manufacturer. This has been a long time coming.

The white chocolate in the Orange Slice is also one of the best I've ever tasted. We mix that with orange zest and other natural ingredients. And yes, balance is our middle name, as you found out.

The Red Dog bite, the organic peanut praliné with molasses and agave syrup, is one of our most popular bites. We also have a Red Dog vegan bar which is our most popular vegan bar and our third most popular bar overall.

You are absolutely right that dark chocolate should never contain anything but chocolate, but that is not always the case. We strive to make that a reality by our strict sourcing and our strict processes.

We make our chocolates by hand and we do make both traditional flavors, plain caramels etc, as well as more unique flavors, such as our well loved banana saffron caramel or our unique cordials and various unique ganaches.

We sell our boxes wholesale and they will be going up on our retail website this week. Thank you for trying our chocolates. I'm glad you like a small sample of our handmade organic and vegan confections. We enjoy making them.

I should have sent you our other very unique flavor combination, hickory smoked peanut butter wrapped in our organic dark chocolate. '



Mark LaPolla
Life By Chocolate

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