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Monday, April 14, 2008

So many store, and not enough time

It seems to me that I don't have enough time to blog about anything else but all the new stores that are coming on board to sell our chocolates. That's a good thing.

We're going to MA soon and spreading the word. I'll write, probably in Innsane, about the B&B's we plan to stay in. Probably right about the food there too.

I called up one health food store and grocery store and the guy who owns it also a chocolatier. Beat that! That's funny. If I have time, I'll be stopping by there. If not, then not.

Well, Mother's Day is coming up. Time to buy Mom some chocolates from Life by Chocolate. Funny, now that the chocolate season is winding down, I find I have enough time for going out and selling the chocolates to our customers, that is, the stores. Funny. Fun.

The Carrot Barn Store has joined our family

I'd like to welcome the Carrot Barn Store to our growing family of beautiful stores that sell our chocolates.

They are the farm store for Schoharie Valley Farms. I buy my produce from Richard Ball there. It's fantastic produce. I use it in my cooking. Asparagus are now in season people and there's is great. Please don't buy it all up I need some for the restaurant.

Schoharie Valley Farms/The Carrot Barn
Route 30
Schoharie, NY 12157
Phone 518-295-7139
Fax 518-295-7139

Yes, the store is in a barn and it is gorgeous and pretty big. It's painted red, too. Very carrot like. ;-) Go there and buy some chocolate.

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Welcome Park Natural Health Foods

I'd like to welcome Park Natural Health Foods in Brooklyn, a beautiful store. It's "Your Local Full Service Health Food Store" and they mean it. Nice people with a mission to serve your needs. They aren't yet carrying our bath products but they are carrying our full line of chocolate bars.

Park Natural Health Foods
350 Court St
Brooklyn, New York 11231
Phone: 718-802-1652 Fax: (718) 802-1653

It's a beautiful part of Brooklyn with, I found, plenty of parking. Go, enjoy and buy some chocolate, especially mine. Say hi for me.

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