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Friday, August 3, 2012

Fixing Stuff: Every year, we paint part of the inn

And what then happens, usually, our painters find some structural damage that we have to fix. In this case, we found plenty of problems with the underpinnings to the porch. So we fixed it.

But what is very sad to me is that we also found some rot on the boards making up the floor of the porch, the deck as it were. I asked our carpenter to please save as many of the old growth douglas fir planks as he could. After we had stripped the porch we noticed that someone else had put in new planks as well. So, we have about 4 douglas fir planks that are not old growth because there are no more old growth douglas fir in the US anymore that we can use for planks.

This was a big task but we have great painters and carpenters here.

The amount of hand work was excruciating.

We also stained this porch red, using Rose Red semi-transparent stain.

Just like the front porch. It's beautiful. I'll take pictures and post them.
We even put up the old Greenville Arms sign on our newly painted porch. Kim likes it and says it's a piece of history.