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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Farm Sanctuary in Waktins Glen

Those of you who follow Life By Chocolate or Kim on twitter or on Facebook have seen many of these pictures, and some that are only on my Droid. We delivered our chocolate donation in the form of Vegan Tea and Fruit Truffles, Vegan Fruit and Nut Truffles, and some Vegan Mixed Chocolates to help the Farm Sanctuary in their mission.

Their mission to help out the neglected and abused farm animals. A good mission and, unfortunately, a necessary one.

We were given the grand tour and these pictures are the result. And yes, we all were freezing. I was wearing a winter shirt and thin vest. Even the goats and sheep were wearing coats. %-)

Amongst the Sheep and Goats. They were gentle and fun, especially the goats. Why do the goats always get a bad rap? It was fun and reminded me of my days in Bogotá, where the herders would often bring their goats out of the mountains and onto the University property. La Universidad de Los Andes was as the name suggests pretty high in the Andes. Actually, Bogotá is in the Andes but the university is a climb from there.

The birds.

The pigs.

More goats. Kim would love to create her own farm sanctuary here at the Greenville Arms. One day.

And finally some pictures of our erstwhile guide.

These kids come from all over the world to work at the Farm Sanctuary. Perhaps she'll be our guide again if we ever get a chance to get out there. So many cool places to go and so little time. Well, that makes life interesting.

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