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Friday, March 8, 2013

New Menu! Art Workshops Late Breaking News!

I have completely changed the menu for the art workshops. It is an all new menu and it is terrific. I have taken pictures of some of the new dishes with my iPhone. And, of course, as always, we'll have terrific vegan and vegetarian dishes for those that do not eat meat or use other animal products or by products. For those of you who follow Life By Chocolate on Facebook, you've already seen most of these pictures. Enjoy!

This year we will be having

Steak Diane

Steak Diane is a classic and we are closely following that classic tradition though the sauce will not be prepared table side it will come from the kitchen ready to eat and enjoyed.

Fingerling potatoes and snap peas will accompany this dish.

Orange Tilapia

This is one of my favorite fish dishes. It's bright and light and very colorful.

Steam asparagus and pecans will round out this dish!

Chicken Creole Jambalaya

An awe inspiring Jambalaya make with roasted chicken and turkey sausages. A flavorful but not too spicy treat.

Rice and carrots will complete this already complex and flavorful meal.


I lived in Texas for over nine years. This chili is a wonderful dish, again, not too spicy but packed with flavor. I am using one of our favorite meats here at the Greenville Arms, short ribs. This is a treat.

The Chili will be served on a bed of faro. Shredded parnips and asparagus will garnish this dish.

Pesto Coated Lamb

Finally, I will be retiring my famous and delicious pistachio rubbed lamb! The lamb will be cooked to perfection, as in the past, but the flavor will be very different from my signature dish. However, no one will be disappointed. This will more than "wow" regular and and new students alike.

This will be served with our spectacularly snap peas and carrots. Or I may do a very nice string bean dish.

We are also changing our desserts. The only dessert we will be keeping from last year will be the Beet Chocolate Cake. Sorry Carrot Cake aficionados. Though we may do Carrot Cake seasonally.

This year we'll also have a Tiramisu, a Lemon and Blueberry Streusel a la mode, New Yorkish Cheese Cake, Seasonal Tarts, pies or cakes, and of course our wonderful organic chocolates.

We'll also have our freshly baked breads to accompany each meal. Come to a workshop and indulge yourself.

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