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Monday, July 8, 2013

Perilla: The second half of our trip to NYC for the Fancy Food Show


I admit it. We had every intention of going to the Fancy Food Show for all three days. We even planned to leave NYC at 5:45 so we could spend all day on Tuesday at the FFS. But we didn't. After grazing and tasting and eating for 7 hours on the first night, Sunday, we had a different view of how we should spend our time.

We decided to explore new restaurants. I wanted to go to Perilla for one thing and one thing only, to try a new type of martini. I had my first Hendricks Martini there at Perilla and it was wonderful. I've been a convert ever since. So, I had a Greenhook Martini and I did not like it at all. I drank it to make sure but I was not a happy camper. It just wasn't my idea of good gin. I have drunk a lot of gin in my time and before Hendricks, I usually drank Boodles. But now nothing but Hendricks, please.

To be fair, before I say something I regret, I need to acknowledge that it was Sunday night. We had just had the cab ride from heck, through the Gay Pride Parade, which the concierge from the Essex House did not inform us was going to make getting to Perilla difficult at best. We were definitely under informed. If he had told us that we were heading into a massive parade, we might have postponed our trip downtown to the West Village. It all worked out anyway. Plus the parade, I love parades, was a blast. It reminded me of San Francisco's Exotic Erotic Ball, always a fun time.

Is Perilla slipping? I did not know if Harold was there but I have noticed that when he is not, the food isn't as good. Plus, as I said, Kim and I were stuffed. On the plus side, I asked them to make the appetizer portion soft shelled crab into a dinner portion and they did it. I love soft shelled crab and this was pretty good, even though it was batter dipped. I wish they'd just been lightly floured and panfried in butter or something like that. I had a nice white wine with it but forgot the name of the grape. Urp. Sorry.

And Kim had the stuffed artichokes. She thought they were good but that they were not outstanding.

I also got a very nice quinoa salad.

If you have not gone to Perilla, I would suggest it. It's a very solid restaurant. And the first time is magic. But please, Harold, change your menu. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. We didn't get any dessert that I remember but we were given these nice cookies.

More restaurant reviews coming up: Ma PĂȘche and Petrossian.

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