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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lesley Riley

Oh, what fun they had. I know, I know. It is very odd for me to post a workshop here. Rather those are always posted on Innsane. However, the reason I'm posting here is that Kim is in this workshop and she's having a ball.

Kim has taken over Innsane and has been doing a great job there and I'm sure she will post more pictures on Innsane. I just wanted to get my own up before I went on my trip.

So, now for the pictures.

Not a great picture of Kim but a great picture at lunch.

Everyone having fun and hard at work. This is just before cookie break.

You wouldn't think that ironing is fun but it is in this class.

See? Everyone is having tons of fun.

Kim is holding up a picture of our puppy Spot. Remember him?

Mr. Spot. We miss him. I'm sure you do, too.

And what would a workshop be without Chocolates? That's a picture on fabric by the way. Sorry you missed this class. For more information on our art classes or our fiber art classes you can go to our websites. See our blogroll below. I bet none of you foodbuzz people knew about the art classes. And no, I don't give cooking lessons.

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