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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Hot Chocolate Mix

New Hot Chocolate, not Hot Cocoa, mind you, MIX!!! Yeah. Those of you who wanted my new hot chocolate in a mix, it's now here in two flavors: Spicy and Original. So, you too can now make the best hot chocolate in the world in your own home. Order some today and enjoy.

Give us a call at 518 966 5219. Operators, or rather Kim and I, are standing by. You see why I am having such trouble getting the website done? I spend all my time making products that people request rather than work on the website. Sigh! Well, you gotta love it. And I do.

Order now.

Small packet 100g $5.75 Makes 4 servings.
Medium packet 200g $11.50 Makes 8 servings.
Large packet 400g $23.00 Makes 16 servings.
One pound is $25. Makes 18 super rich servings or 24 very rich servings.
1 serving is a quarter cup.

Here are the instructions for making the hot chocolate. Feel free to modify according to taste. I've put in weights for my super rich recommendation.

For the small packet (100g), mix with

Rich hot chocolate: Heat 3/4 cup whole milk (190g) + 1/4 (50g) cream to 80 degrees Celsius (about 176F).

Put contents of packet in bowl mix with 1/2 of above milk and cream mixture and whisk until melted. Blend chocolate mixture back into remaining milk/cream and whisk while heating on low heat. Don't let this come to a boil.

Serve immediately. Makes two servings. This is very rich and will completely satisfy two chocoholics. If you want to make it less rich, then add another 1/2 cup of milk or use only 70g of the chocolate.

For the medium packet, double the above and for the large packet, quadruple the above. Pictures to follow.


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