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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Virtual Throw Down: A twitter and blog extravaganza

Recycled Photo. (Do Not Bend.)

This is the first annual Virtual blog and Twitter Fried Chicken &/Or BBQ Ribs Throw Down. Here are the rules. (All rules are subject to change if we feel like it but since I took the initiative, I'm going to assume that all of you ratify this without any problems. If you do have a problem, speak NOW or forever hold your peace.)

1. To be part of the throw down, the post containing your entree has to be posted no later than June 29th and no sooner than Jun 26th. Each contestant will tweet about the post on June 29th, all day long, at least twice, then, and include the link to their post. Smak@Replies are encouraged during this tweet-o-rama. Retweeting by contestants will be highly encouraged. So, if you're in on this, you have to be following the other contestants. Comprendrez vous? Ce n'est pas?

2. There are two main courses that a contestant may chose to do: Fried Chicken or BBQ Ribs. Pick one per blog post. No extra points for doing both but you'll look macho? (Or is that maco?)

3. To qualify, at least one of the dishes, the recipes for one of these dishes, pictures of the making of one of these dishes and pictures of the finished dish, must be attempted. One dish per post. That is to say, Fried Chicken would be one post, BBQ Ribs another. Sides, bread, desserts are not required but will be very favorably looked on. Don't put both of these entrees in one post, please. That'll just confuse the secret committee. (See below.)

3. All Posts must also cross reference the other contestants entries, that is, blogs. Not necessarily the posts themselves but at least the blog links must be included in the posts. It is up to the individual contestants to have those posts at the top of the blogs. If possible, the individual posts should be linked to. Humor and smack allowed.

4. Really try hard not to recycle an old recipe even if it has been published in Rachael Ray's Magazine or in Food and Wine or some other high profile magazine. All photos should be fresh and interesting and cool. Or at least in focus. That's why I'm giving everyone almost a month to do this in.

5. All judging will be done by secret committee using arbitrary guidelines and much subjectivity. (That is, if the contestants can ever agree on who should be on the secret committee or even if there should be one.) Recipe completeness, easy of making, picture quality and overall structure of the post will all count for something. Say, 1 point. The winner will get the Famous NoPrize of Marvel Comic Book Fame. This is not being donated by No One. Any corporate sponsors? @Oprah? @dominosugar? @Anyone?

6. We're leaving Mr. Flay out of this. Please, no one tell him. OK? That's the last thing we need. Sorry, Bobby. But I don't want you showing up with your virtual van with your virtual assistants and virtual cameras making us all virtually famous. No one would want that.

7. There is no rule seven. This rule left intentionally blank.

To register to participate in this madness, please comment on this post and put the URL for your blog, the blog name and also your Twitter ID/Name. If you want participants to link to your post, please put that URL in. And then, on the 26th, come back to this entry and see all the participants that you need to link to. Thank you for your cooperation.

And this, see photo below that I cribbed from another post, will be what YOUR entry will look like after I'm done with it. Oh, yeah. Scored with that one. Oh, yeah. It is SO on.

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