Life by Chocolate

Chocolate, white, milk, dark, in all its forms forms life. Chocolate truffles, caramels, and other confections are at the core of enjoyment. This is life by chocolate because death by chocolate is the wrong attitude.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Marion cooked tonight!!

And she's cooking tomorrow.

Massive Caramel Sale

I've decided that I am going to discontinue the softer caramels and from now on make only chewy caramel. So, in that spirit I am putting all of the softer caramels on sale. Oh, what the... I'm going to put ALL of the caramels on sale. This doesn't mean that any of the toffee is going on sale. You should be so lucky. And besides, the toffee is already discounted.

Hurry. The sale will only last so long.

All but the gold top plains and the bacon banana are the softer caramels.
All sales are final.


Got in touch with Tom

And we'll meet at the end of my trip. I can't wait to shoot the breeze with him and discuss how his cafe is doing and his chocolate addition is going. Tom is a great baker and he roasts his own coffee for the cafe cum coffee house. Ah, wait, those are the same things. %-}

Tom's had some very good experience with some equipment I'll be buying soon. Also, he's thinking of getting into gelato. So, give him a call at Dirt Cowboy Cafe and ask to get some.

Not to worry. I'll take some pictures and do a mini-review of the Dirt Cowboy but I can already tell you it's great.

Places to eat in Vermont and New Hampshire

OK. I have another task. I need good places to eat in Vermont and New Hampshire. I'll be on a road trip giving chocolates and confections to all the good little boys and girls. I'll be stopping around Waitsfield, VT, Newport Center, VT, Meredith NH and Hanover NH.

I think I have Hanover covered. I'll be visiting with a friend of mine, Tom, at Dirt Cowboy Cafe. At least I hope I will. Tom is a baker and chocolatier. He's a good restaurateur as well. Let's just hope Tom will be in town at that time. It'd be good to see him.

Hurry and send me suggestions. I'll be leaving tomorrow.