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Friday, August 1, 2008

A Message From Daniel at DABA

I thought I'd repost this to it's own post:

I am happy to inform you that DABA is again offering a guest Chef tasting menu. If you had a chance to enjoy Chef Jon Jonsson’s collaboration back in January you have a good idea of what an amazing event is in store.

DABA presents Chef Åke Svedtila. Teacher and mentor to both Chef Ola Svedman and our friend Chef Jon Jonsson Åke has set many great Chef in motion doing great hings all over Sweden. Ola and Åke have worked these past few weeks to put forth a tasting menu they call “ The 80’s ”. The idea is a creative new spin on the foods and dishes that were first made popular in the 1980’s. What?... you may ask is 1980’s food? You will just have to join us this weekend to be reminded. We will be offering the menu on August 1st and 2nd, if you wish to join us, please call for a reservation as space is limited, and the menu will be offered by reservation only.

Åke is here visiting with his wife Lotta and their son Loke. Åke and Lotta have just recently sold their hotel and restaurant in Sweden, Olarsgarden. Olarsgarden was known for their award winning wine list offering over 300 wines and its menu known for is inventive style of preparing and serving wild game. We are very happy to show you their talent as they have worked together to pair each course with the ideal wine.

The influence of Åke on DABA’s menu may already be apparent to you, however this weekend that thought will crystallize. Come and experience what happens when teacher and student join forces.

Hope to see you, call (518) 249 4631 for reservations.