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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Calling all Oil Painters: Leah Lopez

There's still room in Leah Lopez's Still Life Oil Workshop.

Inspired by the oil painting of the masters, this workshop will cover the essential skills needed to achieve luminosity and depth with paint, for the beginner and advanced painter. Students will find their advances made in this workshop will not only produce beautiful still-lifes but will carry over to their other paintings of portraits, figures and landscapes as well. The workshop consists of instructor demonstrations, starting with the conceptual design of the painting to observing and translating the beauty of objects into lustrous paint. Understanding the structure of a painting and manipulating paint, brilliant light, supple color and purposeful edge variations, an artist can create a compelling and distinguished piece of art.

Leah Lopez is an award winning artist whose paintings have been featured in national exhibitions including American Women Artists, Salon International, Allied Artists of America, Oil Painters of America, and Miniatures at The Albuquerque Museum. She teaches painting classes at the New York Academy of Art and workshops at Lyme Art Association, Andreeva Academy, Sedona Arts Center, Barrett Art Center, and Cape Cod Art Association.

Raised in the unique culture and beauty of Northern New Mexico, artists and artisans captured Leah’s imagination and inspired her to explore creative outlets. Her innate love for drawing and painting was a continual source of inspiration and led her to practice traditional techniques through a series of art classes in California and later to attend art classes at the University of New Mexico. At age 23, she began learning her most valuable lessons in art from exceptional artists and teachers Gregg Kreutz, Sherrie McGraw, and David Leffel through classes held in the Southwest and at the Art Students League of New York. It was not long before Leah's paintings received recognition and she was awarded First Place at the Traditional Fine Arts, First Place in Oils at the Best and Brightest, Honorable Mention at Salon International, and Award of Merit at the American Women Artists Show.

Leah still approaches every new subject as an opportunity to learn. She says, “Things are always changing, the arrangement, the model, the light, the appearance of color, and observing all this opens one’s senses to the possibilities.”

Watercolor Workshop: Paul George

There's still room left in Paul George's Watercolor Workshop.

Award winning artist Paul George’s workshops are loaded with great information and are motivating for both the beginner and the experienced painter. You will paint from nature but his focus is to teach you how to approach any subject and design and execute a good painting. You’ll begin with a complete look at values and how to use them to simplify, design and improve your painting. Next you will move into the exciting world of color and explore the reasons why watercolor of all the mediums comes alive and how to use this for more exciting paintings.

Design and composition of your painting is always an important factor and you will return to composition and design and how to simplify, understand and use it to add power and punch to your paintings. Paul will support each subject with talks, painting demonstrations and with personal one on one support and a complete critique each afternoon. It is an exciting and motivating workshop. Weather permiting, you'll spend about 80% of the time painting on location and the other time working in the studio.

“ He is one of those rare individuals that not only a good painter but a committed and creative teacher as well.” International Magazine 2007

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