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Monday, December 28, 2015

Best of the last eleven years at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops

Next year, the year after and the year after that will be The Best of the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops of the last eleven years as chosen by our students. You, the student, have spoken. Here are the dishes that you wish to eat over the next three years. I have not decided which of these I will use to form next years menu. I also reserve the right to add a recipe not on this list, especially for a side or a dessert or bread.

Breaded Chicken cutlet pounded with Italian seasonings
Poule au pot
Salmon en papillote
Beef Stroganoff
lamb pistachio and urfa
lamb breaded with the parsley pesto
Almondine fish
Airline chicken (hot)
maple soy salmon without the coverings
Salmon en croute
Lamb Tagine
Lion’s head meatball
BBQ Beef Ribs with chocolate BBQ sauce
Steak Diane
Beef and Broccoli
Vegetarian Broccoli with mushrooms and cashews
Red cooked chicken
(Vegan) Chili Verde
Fish Stew*

Sides and soups and breads:
Truffle mushroom soup**
Cauliflower soup
Broccoli soup
Mac N Cheese
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Artichoke heart risotto
Butternut squash
Italian tomato salad
Smoked Salmon Chowder (New England)
Butternut squash side (butternut, butter, brown sugar, raisins, scallions, 3/8 cup brown sugar for a big sauté pan of squash. About 1/2 lb of butter. Salt and white pepper.)

Cranberry chocolate chip cookies***
Beet chocolate cake
Achi de Rana
CInnamon Ice cream
Carrot Cake
Brownie Pie
Dutch Apple Pie


* I do not know if I have this recipe but will look for it. I think this was a Jamaican stew.
** I will only do this soup if I can get reasonably cheap Perigord summer truffles.
*** We've never done this so it may not make it on the menu.


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