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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Self Referential Room Post: The Nest Room

Here's another supporting function for the main post about our trip to The Rabbit Hill Inn. I am not going to put

Defun TheRoom(Y)

in this post. No need. You get the idea. It's not meant to stand on its own as a post but rather it's meant to go hand in glove, or in this case, romantic hand in romantic hand, with the main post. Because I am practicing making all of my novels (posts) stand alone, I will assume you have not read anything else before this post and write accordingly.

Our room was huge. (I know, I know. If you've come here from the main program, ah, post, you know this already.) It had a two person Jacuzzi. I almost said two man but in this case it was a one man and one woman hot tub though I'm the one who loves going into hot tubs, not Kim, and I only went once. I needed it. I had slipped an fallen on some black ice and my rear end hurt for our entire stay. I might have gone into the hot tub more but we were having such a great time that I kept forgetting.

Go ahead, weep with envy. We also had a beautiful four poster

with a romantic fireplace. (As seen from the comfy bed.)

Now, you may sob. Get on with it. Don't worry, sob in the privacy of your own office, family room, bedroom. We wont tell.

Add to the bedroom area a loveseat and a chair, both wicker. (In my mind, I've divided the room into two areas, "bedroom" qua "bed and fireplace and other stuff" and "bedroom" qua "spa".) Don't forget the coffee table. From the loveseat, I wrote and edited my novels. I brought my laptop with me. I've read that many great writers stayed at and lived in inns. I'm hoping that some of that goodness rubs off on me. Can you picture me, hunched over the glass coffee table typing away? I can and that's why I later moved down into the bar area. More on that later.

Finally, we come to the all important fainting couch. Next to the wicker fainting couch was a vanity. I remember my sister Colette had a small wooden vanity. This was a large wicker vanity and, though I had no use for a vanity and I don't think Kim used it except as a place to drink her morning coffee, Kim did use the fainting couch. She knitted socks on that beautiful fainting couch.

And finally, I didn't take a picture of the nice and serviceable shower or the toilet. They were together in the "rest room" located in the "spa" portion of the bedroom. Nor did I take a picture of the sink which was outside the "rest room". Those of you who think I'm criticizing the arrangement need to rethink that. This inn was built in the 18th century and space is an important consideration. Just the fact that they were able to fix all this into The Nest is impressive. Our inn, or that house that became the inn, was built in the 19th century, a hundred years later, and even so, Room 6 has its private bathroom in the hall and a sink in the room. It also has a TV. The only guest room that does.

But I did take a picture of the view outside the window from the sink area.

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