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Chocolate, white, milk, dark, in all its forms forms life. Chocolate truffles, caramels, and other confections are at the core of enjoyment. This is life by chocolate because death by chocolate is the wrong attitude.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Trip Up!

Defun TheTripUp(X)
Not to have the Brits out do us, this is a very short version of Kim and I going to OUR North Country and enjoying the sights. Since I was, and in my heart of hearts still am, a software engineer, you may call this post a subroutine. (It's really a function, though.) It isn't meant to be executed (read) on its own but rather is meant to be executed (read) in context of the larger main program (post). Jump: But first, go see the movie, The Trip. "She was only sixteen years old."

Great, now that we got rid of those fuddy-duddies, we'll get on to the good stuff. "Gentlemen to bed, for we leave at nine thirtish."

Kim and I labored in good weather and in better weather driving, riding through harrowing adventures, with only one purpose in mind to relax at The Rabbit Hill Inn. And harrowing doesn't quite cover this adventure. (Just a little gratuitous foreshadowing.) But before I can return a value from this subroutine (really a function) I have to post pictures of our trip UP. That's the whole purpose of this block! "Gentlemen, and Ladies, to bed! We ride at a quarter past ten!"

First we stopped off at this Café for pulled pork sandwiches, Kim's favorite. Yeah, I too wish our North Country had better restaurants! What I wouldn't have given for some truffled pâté de foie gras. The Cafe was called, Kim tells me, "Moose something or other." (Hey, it was almost two months ago. OK. A month and a week. But a lot has happened. I've sent out my novel and have written a second and started another. I can't remember the name though I know it isn't the Blue Moose or the Cool Moose!) Thank God I didn't get the sweet (maple) sauce but the original recipe.

And we browsed the stuff. The Cafe was mostly store. The Cafe part was a couple of tables in the back and a grill up front behind the cash registers. If you get a chance, stop there at the Mouse Cafe something or other.

With hindsight, ah, hartsight, um, more like moosesight, no that doesn't sound right either. Let me think. With mooseaforethought, we should have continued on to The Moon Dog Cafe in Chester, Vermont. We had great scones and some good espresso drinks. Not that Big Moose something or other was bad, the pulled pork original, though overly sweet, was still decent. I think Kim and I would have preferred a less sweet sammy.

Moon Dog carried Life By Chocolate but no longer. They now have some other, not as good, chocolate. I'm not even sure it's organic. But the confections are too sweet, again, for our tastes but that might be the original sauce talking.

And how fantastic is this? There's a quilt shop, Country Treasures, right next to the cafe? I hope some of our quilting and dying students read my blog. I know they read the Art Workshops blog, right?

(Kim is giving me a blow-by-blow of a passerby deciding whether he wants to take a workout or bench-press bench our across the street neighbors put out as trash. He's putting it in his truck, taking it out of the truck, back in the truck, looks at it, takes it out of his truck, puts it on the ground, picks it up, puts it down, picks it up and puts it down. Kim is softly saying, "Indecision, indecision, indecision. They just put it out. Our across the street neighbors just put it out with a futon." Then he picked it up and put it in his truck, walked away from the truck, circled the truck, took it out again and then finally put it in and drove away. "Let's see if he comes back in a few minutes. I'm sure he will," Kim tells me. Now she's off to get the mail.)

Gratuitous yellow houses:

And now, back to the car, for we ride at 14:35 hours, more or less! We have relaxing to do. No lollygagging, neither in snow nor sun for this is our vacation (holiday.)

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