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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Even Longer Awaited Chili Recipe.

2 lb of boneless short ribs
1 lb of flank steak
2 t of Black River Creole Seasoning (or to taste.)
2 t of salt
2 t of black pepper
1 t cumin powder
1 onion per 4-8 people depending on how much you like onion. I usually go with 8.
1 garlic clove or to taste minced. I add a lot of garlic.
2 poblano peppers diced. I use 4 per 8 people. 1 chipotle chili (optional) I usually add 1 per 4 people.
16 ounces of diced tomatoes, Romas. Use canned if you like else take skin off and dice and seed.
1 t fresh lime juice
16 ounces of pinto beans, and I suggest you use the canned variety.

The first step in creating this wonderful chili is to braise the short ribs. Use as much as you want. I use quite a bit because I am feeding a crowd at a time. Figure on a half pound per person. And if you have any flank steak lying around, chunk that up as well but don't braise it. Rather, brown it separately and reserve. We'll deal with the meat later.

I braise the ribs in beef stock after seasoning both sides, pepper and salt, add the cumin to the short ribs, and putting on your favorite Creole Seasoning. I use Black River from Savory Spice Shop.

Then I pour a little oil in a pot, heat the pot and start sautéing diced onions. I use a high heat. When they start becoming transparent, add the garlic. Add the peppers. (If you want crunchy peppers in your chili, add the peppers at the same time you add the beans.) Add the tomatoes and cook for 15 to 20 minutes. dd the liquid, too, if canned.

Shred the braised short ribs and add the browned flank steak.

(As you can see in the picture, I added it right after the onions. Do that if you feel the short ribs need more cooking time.) Add the lime juice. Add half of the braising liquid. Simmer, uncovered, for another 45-60 minutes. Make sure you don't burn the chili. Add the pinto beans and cook until hot, 5-10 minutes. Add another teaspoon of Black River if you like it spicy. Serve over rice and with Irish Soda bread. (Trust me, it's great. I'll post a recipe for the Irish Soda bread.) Use Frank's hot sauce to heat it up. Also feel free to chop up and add chipotle peppers if you like it hotter.

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