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Friday, July 23, 2010

Some thoughts, whether I like it or not.

Just got back from Boston. We stayed at a nice in in Brookline. Some pictures to follow. Though, on my Facebook page, the pictures are already there. We went to 10 Tables. Sorry no great pictures. Not even on Facebook. It's gluten free and they work hard with you. I left a gigantic tip after having too many, 2, of their special sidecars. Not bad at all. I still say the pork chops were dry but maybe that's just me and pork chops. The hanger steak was terrific. Too bad I left the leftovers in the refrigerator at the inn. The inn didn't have in room refrigerators like we do. Just one on the second floor. It was pretty full. So was this little restaurant. It was pretty good. Medium to expensive. The desserts were simple but good as well.

We went to Newbury street in Boston and went to Johnny Cupcakes. They sell $40 tee-shirts. The next place that said they baked cupcakes actually sold cupcakes though I was expecting maybe shoes. Stephanie's on Newbury was very good. They had a terrific, I mean genius, sangria. It was delicate and just super yummy. I wish I lived in Boston just for that wonderful sangria.

Also finished Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain. Not a bad collection of stories. Did I say collection? It's more of a rambling pile of thoughts that he probably forgot to incorporate into one of his books and is now slamming together to pay for his kid's braces. At least he makes it perfectly clear that it is definitely no longer due to anything but alcohol. It's entertaining and he does apologize through half the book, how sorry he was for half of the things he says in Kitchen Confidential, and how right he was for the other half of that book. He does spend a lot of time saying how unworthy he is. This is aged Bourdain. This is Bourdain post Travel Channel. This is Bourdain a little tired and maybe even deflated.

This is mind blowing. Tony Bourdain has chefs come up to him and tell him he's a sell out because now he writes books, which they read, and doesn't cook anymore. "You are no longer one of us," they wail at him, weeping, angry and he takes it. Bourdain even gets a little morose and feels guilty.

Software engineers don't come up to me on the street and yell at me, "You used to be one of us but you no longer code. You are not one of us any more." They just get a faraway look in their eyes and say, "Cool." I can tell they too want to become an innkeeper.

I also just finished making some terrific Cafe Americano. Go and buy some now.

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