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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Rev X: A workhourse

Well, I did about 10 lbs of chocolates today using the Rev X from Chocovision that I have on loan while they fix my perennially broken Revolation Delta. I made lavender ganache chocolates. Believe it or not, that is now my most popular, then comes the cherry cordials and then comes the orange cinnamon caramel and then the orange cinnamon ganache.

The biggest problem with this machine is if there is any interruption in power, no matter how nano, you either have to manually, and I mean manually, there is no manual mode, keep the puppy in temper or you start again. And since the overnight mode button is RIGHT below the bowl pause button, this makes for some fun times. Hey, I should turn this blog into a Chocovision Revolation Clinic and trouble shooting-arama! So, come on. Ask your questions. I have answers.

I had to manually keep the chocolate in temper with an unholy combination of hitting the heat button combined with the bowl pause combined with just hitting the reset. But I finally dipped all of the dark chocolate ganache chocolates. Chocolate. There I said it again. Happy? ;-)

So, what are you waiting for. Order some today and then you can read my next blog entry how I had to make another umpteen pounds of dark chocolate ganche chocolate chocolates. Or something. It's late. ;-) (Urff! I had the time zone set to Pacific Time. How Freudian. It's 12:00 in the morning not 9:00 at night! Yawn.)

I'll see you at the Grand Opening!

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