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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Breakfast at SaraBeth's: The second half of our trip to NYC for the Fancy Food Show

I've been screwing around tweeting, mostly on my twitter account, follow me (click here), and posting on my Facebook account or my Life By Chocolate Facebook page, follow us, (click here). Or you can follow Life By Chocolate on twitter (click here). Time for some strenuous blogging! Back to work fingers.

This is my third post on the Fancy Food Show. Most of my posts about food are photo driven. These posts are no exception. See, Fancy Food Show Eatathon! Our trip to Manhattan and the fun we had (click here) and then Perilla: The second half of our trip to NYC for the Fancy Food Show to catch up. Don't worry. It's mostly pictures.

As you can see, we had a wonderful breakfast at SaraBeth's. The service was terrific. I had a very nice Salmon Benedict. My only complaint was that it came out luke warm and not hot. The eggs were poached perfectly and, apart from the temperature, the food was very good.

Kim had oatmeal. She liked it but I was disappointed it wasn't steel cut. They may have had a steel cut the menu but I didn't see it and neither did Kim. So, SaraBeth, please put steel cut oatmeal on your menu. Thank you.

I read my complimentary Wall Street Journal from the Essex House and Kim people watched. (She says she was only eating her breakfast but I know better. LOL. We talked over breakfast.) The OJ was also good if a little thin but it was probably fresh squeezed. And when the server forgot to bring my bacon to the table, she made up for it by tripling the size of my order, on the house. Kim and I shared in the bounty. I can't wait to have breakfast at SaraBeth's again. (Kim says that the huge bacon bounty was a normal sized order. Now we'll have to go back to see if that's the case or if the waitress was making up for her error.)

Coming soon: Ma PĂȘche and Petrossian. I promise.

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