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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lago Review: The best biscotto I've ever had.

Lago is a very nice restaurant in one of my favorite places on earth, Newport Vermont. (Yes, I love Newport Center equally as much. I will get to the review for the Cliff House. :) And Lago is a very good restaurant that is on the verge of being great.

I thought the food was well seasoned and beautifully presented. There are some problems though. One of them is not the biscotto. They serve some of the BEST biscotti that I have ever had. Ever. I love them. Let me start there. They are very earthy with a touch of sweet and are perfectly baked.

The carpaccio was seared, almost cooked. Ouch. It was flavorful but not carpaccio. The cooking made it taste more like roast beef.

However, the duck was overcooked. It was medium to medium well. What can I say? It was like eating rubber.  Tasty but rubbery. I will eat there next time I'm in town but will order it rare. The apricot sauce was good.

They told me that they cooked to medium or medium well because that's the way the town's people like it. But a local told me that the chef who cooked my meal habitually overcooked food. That's a bad trait in a chef. So, other than that, good food.