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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Making Salmon Tuile: Steps All

Making tuile is very easy. Here are the ingredients I use to accompany my InnSane Salmon.

5 oz soft butter
3 Salmon Marinade
2.5 oz eat whites
4 oz 10X Sugar
6.5 oz pastry flour

If you sub honey for the marinade, then it's a Honey Tuile. Tuile Means tile in French, btw.

Cream the butter and the marinade. Then slowly add the egg whites.

I'm using my little mixer here. It's great for small batches.

Next add the sugar and let blend. I have a movie showing this but I blogger is not letting me upload. I have a bug report into them.

Then slowly add the flower. Do not over mix this batter. Chill for an hour before using. Spread out a silicon baking mat, I like these great blue ones, they are only silicon. I like to spread the tuile batter very thin. This can get me into trouble and sometimes I get uneven baking. Try to make it the same thickness throughout.

Back until it is golden brown or darker, depending on your taste. Do not burn.

I use the marinade and put some cooked salmon in the marinade and blend well. Liquefy. Or you can just use the marinade plain. It's called tuile because one is supposed to put a wave in the baking mat to give it that Spanish tile wave to it. As you can see here, I didn't do that. I just made sheets of it and then broke it up. You can cut it before it sets and bend it and get fancy. I do that for desserts but go more au natural for tuile I serve as a bread substitute.



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