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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Filet Mignon Dinner: Step 3 the main course, yum

Next we need to make the steak, the asparagus and the potato. Comfort food all the way.

First wash the potatoes and wrap in foil and put in a 400 degree over for at least 1 1/2 hours. Next, we need to wash and cut the filets. If you have the precut, wash the little buggers and pat them dry. Season with black pepper and with Alder smoked sea salt.

Cut the bacon into thin slices. I highly recommend Benton's Hams for bacon and country ham. Tell Allan Benton, Mark from the Greenville Arms sent you.

I preheat the bacon for 2-3 minutes in the microwave, well wrapped in paper towels, to get it to start crisping while remaining supple enough to wrap. Take the bacon from the microwave and wrap around the circumference of the meat. Hold in place with a skewer.

Put on a barbecue and cook to desired doneness, say, medium rare.

While that is going on, boil water. Once boiling, turn off and put the pencil asparagus in. We'll cook that for 15 minutes before straining and plating.

Now we unwrap the potatoes. If they are small, you can just plate and cut a slit in top. However, because our diners don't eat a lot, when the potatoes are big, I bifurcate them the long way, cut a plus sign in the top and put the two long ends together to simulate a whole potato.

Now we plate and sauce.

Serve and eat. Yum. Yup. That's me wearing my bakers hat.

For more complicated, challenging and fun recipes, see Innsane. That link is the InnSane recipe search link. I didn't put tags on that blog. Sorry. You'll have to wade through a bunch of stuff. But it is worth it.



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