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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lunch Ideas in Manhattan or Brooklyn

And this time, I'm askin', not tellin'. So, give me some suggestions. My brother Johnny, of Soy Dracula and Rubbish in Romania fame, is having a birthday party. It's in Manhattan. So, I need some ideas for lunch in Manhattan or Brooklyn on Saturday and Sunday.

Also, I need a place that will be open late. Say after 3:00. I was thinking of Park Avenue Summer but I had a bad experience there. Now, faithful readers and foodbuzz buzzers, I need your help. Please write your suggestions on lunch places on a five dollar bill, no make it a twenty, and send it to me via email or post on this page.

Thanks. If you figure out how to write something on a five dollar bill and send it to me via email, I'll be interested.


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