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Friday, November 9, 2012

Jamaican Curried Lamb Stew: Making the Curry

The biggest difference between the Jamaican Chicken and the Jamaican Lamb Stew is the curry. It's also the lamb, obviously but it's very important to make the curry in advance.

You want to toast in a pan the following ingredients

1 ounce coriander seeds
2 ounces cumin seeds
1 T poppy seed
1/2 T clove (I use Ceylon cloves.)
1 T mustard seeds (I use yellow)
1 ounce peppercorns

1 ounce of ground turmeric to sift in later 1 ounce of ground ginger to sift in later

Put the seeds in a pan and on high heat you roast them until the mustard seeds start jumping. When they start jumping you can shake the seeds and toss them to get them evening toasted. The same way you'd shake say Jiffy Pop popcorn.

Then I grind up the seeds in my spice mill and I sift them using a fine strainer. At the same time I mix in or rather sift in 2 ounces of ground turmeric and one ounce of ground ginger.
Make sure the rub is well mixed.


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