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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Websites: Whoa Nelly! Blogs: OMG, I'm a dunce!

Here I am debating with myself about self publishing and guess what? I have no website. I have been sending out queries and synopsis and even whole manuscripts to publishers and I have included the Life By Chocolate website. I did this thinking to myself, "OK, they want a website, I have one handy." Holy moly. I would have done better to send them my Publisher's Marketplace website. Me pongo rojo. =%-}

And writing experience. I have included not only my scientific and technological writings, all well and good, but also my small press and literary journal publications. The short stories and poems I have written. All of these, while cool, are not recent and are pretty moldy by now. I forgot to mention my blogs:

Life By Chocolate Blog

The Art Workshop Blog

And most damning of all, I did not mention that I was a featured publisher and writer for FoodBuzz. Sure, that might not help me with fiction directly. If I had been writing that cookbook everyone wants and I haven't done yet because I'm too involved writing novels that aren't yet selling, it would be a big selling point. Even for my fiction writing, it's a selling point because it shows that other publishers have wanted my writing.

Kim has suggested that I get another blog for my book writing and I think she is right. I'll get a website and power it with blog software. I'll also get Chip, my brother-in-law to pretty it up.

This doesn't mean that I will cancel the debate on self-publishing but it does mean I am taking the first steps to create the framework for self-publishing and marketing any book that I do publish. I am a dunce! You heard it hear first, folks. But I am correcting that glaring bit of ignorance. Painful but true.

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