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Saturday, February 19, 2011

What is a Hoob and where do I find one?

When I lived in California, my wife, Kim got for me a birthday present a lesson to make beer at the same place that brewed Pete's Wicked Ale. I went and tried to make a beer I called The Finger of God, a very, very alcoholic, almost barely wine, type of beer with plenty of fermentable. The people at the Make-Your-Own-Beer place ruined it when they put it in unsanitized carboys. I know. WTF? (As in a class 5 Tornado is The Finger of God. So, a super alcoholic beer would be like that, oh yeah.)

So, on my birthday last year, John, my brother, bought me a beer making kits. He sells them at the City Brewshop. He also gives you lessons, too. Take one and start brewing. You wont stop.

When we were little, I walked into a convocation of John's friends, I think it was a band practice or something, and I said, "Who believes me?" or something like that because of something that I've completely forgotten so they started calling me a Hooble as ine Hooblee me.

I loved it and started calling John and anyone else that was acting goofy a Hooblee or for short a Hoob. So, when Johnny gave me the kit, he provided the recipe Finger of Hoob, which came out delish. And it's a chocolate stout because I'm a chocolatier.

Finger of Hoob. LOL. Enjoy.

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