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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barn-be-que at Waitsfield, VT. Nice.

The first place I ate on the road was at the 1824 House Inn. A lovely place. I liked the food. The corn bread was moist and crumbly and sweet and the brisket was perfect, tender and delicious. I thought the wait staff topnotch and they took me in at a moments notice and shoehorned me into a table. A big thank you from a hungry traveler.

Now, as you know, I lived in Texas and believe in convection cooking on a BBQ. No direct heat, please. So, for the bad news, the chicken was dry and the pork ribs had no meat and were cooked to a crisp. Both were flavorful. I think Kim would have loved the ribs. I ate all three items up. I got the chicken breast and it felt like it was cooked on too high a heat and held too long. Low heat people. Long cook time. Season well. That's the trick. Skin was great.

The corn sounded interesting with lime, which I love on corn, and Parmesan but the combination just didn't work for me. I gave it a fair try. The onion rings were GREAT but they were served lukewarm. The root vegetables were good with yummy parsnips. Yummer.

I was so hungry I couldn't wait for the pictures.

Notice that smear of sauce, which I felt was over the top? That was the brisket. Yum!!! If I had gone with just brisket, you'd be hearing a different song right now. I recommend this brisket and you know how tough I am.

The salad and dressing was OK. Great mixed greens salad and the blue cheese was decent, probably out of a bottle. The price for the meal was only $22 and therefore outstanding. The wine prices, while high for this type of place $8, were also reasonable. I felt that a bigger glass would have been nice. More wine, folks. You're making enough profit on it as it is.

The decor is brilliant and the whole place feels terrific. Would I go back? Yes. They are not pretending to be gourmet and they pull off a nice family restaurant. Go and sit on the porch and pet their very friendly pooch and get some food. It's more than enough to eat at their bar(n)-be-que!



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