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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ChocoVision (Rev X) works great.

I have been using the last release of the Rev X for several months now and it is solid. They've asked me if I want the latest SW release to get rid of some small quirks but I said no. After my long history of problems with the Rev Delta and X, I'll be sticking with what I have.

The baffles are still a problem and they've raised the price on the them. They break easily. Luckily, I had a store of baffles. I just ordered two. By accident, I had ordered three of the Rev 2 baffles and they happily exchanged them. ChocoVision has always had great customer service and now they have a working machine. I don't think I'm going to chance the Delta. I'll stick with this workhorse.

I may buy another one but for now, I have to get something bigger. I am debating between a Hilliard Hand Coater or a 6 inch Coater. Suggestions anyone?

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