Life by Chocolate

Chocolate, white, milk, dark, in all its forms forms life. Chocolate truffles, caramels, and other confections are at the core of enjoyment. This is life by chocolate because death by chocolate is the wrong attitude.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

What? We have beets? What more do you want?

Kim went out to get some foodstuffs because we are almost out and don't have much to eat today. When she came how she had only gotten eggs, milk, bread and Taylor's Pork Roll, her favorite. And when I asked why she didn't get some vegetables, she looked at me and said, "But we have beets!" She looked very fetching while saying it and of course she looked incredulous that I would even ask the question when we have beets! :-)

Well, the supermarket was closing and she felt rushed. Then she took the scenic way home, that is, she didn't come home at all but went looking for a site for our chocolate shop cum factory. And we have been eating vegan this last couple of days. So, there you have it.


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