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Monday, January 14, 2008

Exciting News: ChocoVision, Web Store Update, New Resale Customer, more on the way

Well, Kim and I went to the Candy Show, I'll put a separate entry for that as soon as I go get the pictures. Fun. Wonderful. I finally saw the Hilliard 6 and 10 inch coaters. I can hardly wait to get one. The one problem, I'm going to have to sell at least 10X more than I currently am. So, my faithful, start ordering. With the current sale, how can you go wrong? Answer: you cannot. And hey, faithful, start commenting. (Rog, I told you you can cut the sugar in the nog by 1/2 in the blog entry and yes, use the 10X not granulated. You culinary guys, what will you think of next?)

ChocoVision: I met Ian and of course Joe. Funny. Ian looked EXACTLY like I pictured him. A shorter, smaller and younger Nathan Stark. I didn't expect younger, btw. I expected Ian to be older. Question is, is he an award winning physicist? No. Chocolatier? No. Nice guy? Yup. He also promised me that I would get a temporary Rev X. So, if that happens, Ian will be elevated to do the do no wrong category. Joe is already at that category. ChocoVision needs better technical leadership. Actually, Ian offered me the VP of Engineering job. I think he was 1/2 joking. It was temping but they couldn't afford me so that's how I know it was 1/2 joking. The big news, I should be getting my Rev X loaner this week.

I almost have the web store done. Almost. I have the pictures 80% done and I have the other content 100% done. Kim is doing the html. We tried to get Holly but she's booked. Holly is a great web designer but, then, so is Kim. We're using osCommerce. All the new, smaller pictures, I've put up on the blog are the same ones I'm using on the website. Check 'em out.

I now have a new resale customer. Hilltown Market & Natural Food CO-OP. You still order chocolates from us, 518-966-5219, but I also wanted to advertise for our new friends. If you need natural foods, these guys are great. I was using Honest Weight in Albany, but I'll be switching. Plus they want to market my granola and I'll be doing an organic version for them.

I've been chatting with other retailers as well. I'm very open to resale. Hint, hint. I don't know if I have any distributors among the faithful out there...

Pictures coming.

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