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Friday, April 23, 2010

Raspberry Lemon Roulade Recipe

This recipe makes two roulades.

A roulade, that is a rolled sponge cake, is one of the easiest desserts to make. The only ones I can think of that are easier or as easy are ├ęclairs or perhaps a mousse. This recipe is for a lemon curd raspberry roulade. You can use cherry or what I do alot is mix 4 berries together to create a unique recipe. I decorate the outside of the roulade with a raspberry whipped cream, which I love. I would not recommend using a chocolate ganache as that would overpower the delicate filling. But if you're mad about chocolate, why not? Give it a try.

Before we begin, the hardest part of this recipe will be the cutting. The second hardest part will be rolling the roulade and keeping it nice and round.

The first step is to make the roulade sponge. The sponge cake is very similar to a pastry cream with flour. Brush the sponge with simple syrup. You can flavor the simple syrup if you wish.

The next step is to make the Lemon Curd.

Now, coat the sponge cake first with some raspberry jam or puree, depending on taste. I prefer a nice jam. Of course, you can make your own jam or reserve or preserve. I coat the whole sponge with the jam, enough to color the cake. And remember, this will be the inside of the roulade.

Make some whipped cream, using 1 cup of heavy cream and fold that into the lemon curd. Next, take the chilled lemon curd/whipped cream and spread it on the sponge.

What I like to do is to first pick a direction to roll the sponge and then coat the roulade leaving a 1/2 inch on three sides and about 1 1/2 inches in the direction of the roll, that is, at the end. That way, if you roll the roulade too lightly, you'll have some squish room. I like a 1/4 to 1/2 inch on the sides because I'm going to cut this off anyway and it's a little squish room. I like the 1 inch to 1/2 inch on the top so I can fold the center tightly.

Coating the sponge with lemon curd.

Now, gently roll the sponge into as tight a roll as you can manage, trying to make it nice and round. Then wrap the roulade in plastic and freeze. Freezing the roulade will make it easier to cut.

You may serve this dessert either completely thawed, it takes about 1 hour or you may serve it very chill. I like serving it almost frozen.

When you are going to serve the roulade, take it out of the freezer and decorate with whipped cream. I add raspberry liquor to my whipped cream and pipe it on with a decorating tip and then cut immediately. I also have the space and like plating immediately.

Now for the hard part, cutting. When I cut the roulade, I do not slice. I like to gently press down on the roulade and I make sure I dry wipe my blade before each cut so that the shipped cream does not stain the faces of the roulade. I also cut off the edges about 1/8 to 1/4 inch, so that each face is nice and flat.

There you have it. A beautiful dessert.

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