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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Traditional Trimming of the Tree

While my older brother Randy is off in Australia in the middle of a Chinese eating and drinking fest and waiting his turn at karaoke and majiang, we have been trimming the tree.

Here's how we do it. First, I make pastries. Second, Kim puts out the crackers from heaven, cheese and pâte and we eat said aforementioned and drink my spectacular and potent eggnog. Here are the pictures.

Crackers of the Gods with some pâte and cheese.

While I'm making the pastries, see previous posts for my recipe, and making the eggnogs (I'll try and post the recipe tomorrow), Kim is putting on the lights. She insists. Note the Dalmatian lights.

And then we put on the ornaments, trying not to drink too much eggnog and fall down.

We got these first two in Vienna or somewhere in Austria. Probably at a Kristkindlmarkt (Advent Market) in Austria.

I think I have a mug from every Glühwein stall in Austria. Rum and Hot Chocolate stalls too.

Now we are going to continue our traditional James Bond Marathon with Tomorrow Never Dies. Tomorrow we'll be opening presents and also watching Fanny och Alexander. I can hardly wait. Now, time to go to the upstairs parlor and revel.

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