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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vermont Trip With Kim: Newport and New Hampshire

It snowed all the way to Vermont. We were on a mission. We were dropping off a sewing machine to one of our students in Vermont and then going on to Newport VT to have a nice vacation at one of our favorite inns: Cliff Haven Farm.

It's a beautiful inn. This is the entrance way. We were pretty hungry so the first thing we did after settling in to our room was to go out to Lago Trattoria, though they serve food that's more like a fine restaurant than a family restaurant. Probably the best restaurant in town.

Of course I forgot about taking pictures until I was half way done eating my seafood cake.

And Kim was well into eating her Romaine Salad. This whole leaf romaine salad reminding me of eating, for the first time on a business trip, in a nice bistro in southern California and getting served a 1/4 wedge of iceberg lettuce with dressing on top. One of my colleagues went ballistic, and working for LMSC (Lockheed Missiles and Space) that could be dangerous.

Kim had the gorgonzola and prosciutto ravioli which looks great. She liked it.

I had the quail and duck with some butternut squash ravioli. Very nice.

Here is a picture of me looking like the Cowboy Don crossed with Edward G. Robinson. "M'Yeah. See. You have this cow in my pasture, see? And I don't like that. See? Try the fish. M'yeah."

And the biscotti. I can't tell you how good they are. These are great paired with some Vin Santo. Yum.

And the espresso drink are great. Let me translate that for you New Yorkers, "The expresso drinks were good. M'yeah. See?"

The next day we went to another great restaurant called the Thai Tanic. I ain't making this up, folks. The Thai food was pretty good. I got the Tamerind Duck and Kim got the Honey Duck. I would have loved the Tamerind Honey Duck, personally but that wasn't on the menu.

The food was very good. We ate the dumplings too and ordered three orders to take home for dinner. That night we feasted on fried and remicrowaved dumpling and popcorn while reading and watching movies. Kim knitted her heart out. It doesn't get any better than this, people.

Look at all the pretty colors.

Of course we didn't mind staying in the room the whole day, only coming out to eat, or shop at the local yarn store or the local book store. I bought 5 books and Kim bought enough yarn to make me another tuque (toque) and some socks. It's great being married to a knitter. It's great being married to Kim.

All that was left was to get out of town. And we did heading for New Hampshire and our friend Tom.

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