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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tonight's Top Chef

First of all, what is this with sugar? Look, sucrose is just fine and agave syrup, honey and HFCS are chemically the same. All four of those items are SUGAR. The fact that you need sucrase to digest (hydrolyse) sucrose does not make it less diet. This is not a mistake I would expect of top chef. And the BS about agave syrup being lower on the glycemic scale is because said scale measures only glucose not fructose and fructose is no magic bullet. Sugar is sugar. Any pastry chef should know this.

Now for the challenge, these chefs need to get out and eat more food at better restaurants in order to cook better food. If you do not go to fine restaurants and eat fine food all the time, how would you expect to be a good chef? Everytime I go out to eat, I analyze, I criticize, I eat.

Oh, Toby, Toby?, where is the wit? Get on the stick. Go Bourdain on these guys. You call those comments rough? Not in my sandbox. Come on people! Step up your games.

Tom, I love you. Only in a platonic sense, mind you. ;-) I think I'll keep you. Good job.

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