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Monday, September 15, 2008

True Story but funny, too

My family has been in the restaurant business on all sides, front men, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, chefs, restaurateurs, you name it. One day, my mother was waiting on a business man who was telling her how wonderful it was to eat off of plates with real silverware.

Curious, my mother asked him, "How do you normally eat at home?" And he replied,

"At home, it's just me. So, I eat everything off of a napkin that I put on top of the table. If I make a quick egg, I put it on some bread for an egg sandwich. If I have a steak, or veggies, I just double up on the napkin, use a placemat, and don't bother with plates. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, if I'm eating at home, I just use my napkin method. It saves on washing up."

He looked at my mother and then said with a straight face, "It's kind of tough when I have soup, but I manage."

True story. The Lobster Place Mat blog reminded me of this story because Rose eats everything off of placemats. Hey, it saves on dishes but it's hell when she serves soup. ;-)


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