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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Donnagio: Simply the Best

Well, Donnagio's in Parsippany, NJ (61 New Road) is simply the best, just as they say. First of all, their crust is their secret weapon. It's not some soggy, bready affair rather it is almost a pastry pizza crust. The crust is firm, almost with a snap, while the crumb is soft but not bready.

Their sauce is also very good. The two combined make for a perfect combination. You could have just their sauce and just their crust and be happy. I love their plain pizza. It speaks volumes as to the quality of their workmanship.

Their stromboli are my personal favorite. World wide. These guys make the best strombolli I have ever had. I have not yet had their calzone because I can't get past that stromboli. It is reminiscent of an island empanada. A caribean island, that is. Those of you that know what I am talking about will apprecite the difference in this stromboli. Those that don't should go to Donnagio and try their roasted pepper and sausage stromboli and not just take my word for it.

When it comes to pizza, Chef knows best. Go try it.

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